Stacy Thowe, Writer/Editor - A collection of literary works by Stacy Thowe.
                            Within the Shadows...
I have placed some of my most prized pieces.  I hope that one captures your imagination and you take a piece of it away with you. The job of a writer is to inspire, ignite, and capture the heart of the reader. I am truly grateful for your time and consideration of my work.  I hope something in the shadows resonates a light that stays with you even after you have left these pages.  Stacy Thowe is a graduate of Washburn University with a BA in English emphasis in writing.  Stacy Thowe resides in             Topeka, Kansas. Blog:
View Published Writings at:
 * Torrid Literary Journal, Vol VI, Poem, "I Heard You Cry Again"  
 * Airplane Reading-Online Literary Magazine, short story,
 * Skive Magazine, November 2013 issue, short story, "Black Marble, Blue Dress"
 * The Greensilk Journal,, "The Gift"
 * Beyond Imagination Magazine, April 2014, "Albert's Great Adventure" 

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